Digital Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing VS Offline Marketing

You may have invented a great thing and hope to earn a lot of money by selling it; you are mistaken until you launch an advertising campaign to promote it among the masses. Previously you have been relying on offline marketing sources including radio, television, banners, flyers, newspapers and magazines. They helped you promote your business very well at the domestic level. After the advent of the internet, digital marketing came about. Offline marketing became an outdated idea in the universal marketing perspective. Digital marketing using social media platforms, paid media, video content, voice optimization, and email, etc. Offline marketing going through the evolutionary process entered the phase of digital marketing. Following is the detailed description of both digital and offline marketing to help you better understand the difference between both the marketing sources.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing attracts the attention of local customers. The international brands also use offline marketing sources along with using digital marketing sources for their promotion.

Physical advertisement

The sources of offline marketing are billboards, signboards, flyers, posters, TV and radio. The local public gets deeply impressed and the products get popular shortly and earn a profit on a limited scale.

Trade Shows

The other offline marketing sources are tradeshows including local festivals, speaking engagements and networking events impressing the people to buy certain products and services. They are still carried out.

Brand Swags

The employees of the company manufacturing a certain product wear T-shirts having images of the product to be promoted. The mugs and the other goodies have images of the products to promote them.

The newspaper that used to be read by every literate person daily carried a particular page of advertisement. The products of the local companies got popular through this offline marketing source. The newspapers are a good source of marketing but are not read by the people as they used to be read in the past when the newspaper used to be the only source of information. The weekly magazines also carried the advertisements. The TV commercials and the radio broadcast are the offline sources of marking.

Digital Marketing

The world has become a global village after the advent of the internet. The news of one part of the world reaches the other part of the world in a matter of seconds. Digital marketing provides businessmen with a chance to promote their goods internationally. The products get popular overnight and the businessman earns millions of dollars overnight. The major sources of digital marketing are given below:Social Media

It is estimated that almost 3.2 billion population of the world use social media. In other words, almost half the world population is the social media user. While launching a marketing campaign on social media; you have the possibility of earning a huge profit. Your product may run short if it gets popular across the world. It surely happens and hundreds of people got millionaires overnight. Facebook is said to be the most visited social media platform around the globe. Only 68% of American youth use Facebook. Launching a marketing campaign on Facebook you ensure the sale of your product on logical grounds. The links of your website lead the people to your business website. The visitor becomes your customer with a single click. Instagram and Youtube are the other major sources promoting your goods and service all over the world.

Video Content

Video content is another form of digital marketing. You share your personal experience with the display of the product; inspiring others to use it. The customers go under your influence and buy the product with great confidence. The short tutorial videos also help people learn the use of the product you sell online. The personal experience has a good impression on the brain of the customer and he gets ready to buy the product you sell watching the video to the end.

Paid Media

Paid media is also a form of digital marketing. You purchase the PPC (pay per click) services online for the marketing of your product. The customers’ traffic increases on your website and you sell your products online on a large scale earning a lot of profit.

Voice Optimization

Voice optimization has also made it easy to approach the relevant data online. You just pronounce the keyword near the microphone of your smartphone the website of your choice gets opened.


Email is another form of digital marketing. The companies send emails to people to promote their products. The people get impressed and turned to be customers.

In conclusion, Offline marketing used to be very effective in the past; it is still effective but lesser than the digital marketing these days. The offline market targets local customers whereas digital marketing targets both local and international customers.

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